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Giving Notice: To end any tenancy at least one party, the Lessor or the Tenant, is required to give "Notice". How much notice is prescribed by law so you should contact your agent for advice if you are unsure.

Cleaning: Cleanliness is the most urgent requirement of returning your property as this has to be completed in time for the next occupant. 

Cleaners: Some clever people book in a cleaner to finish off the cleaning but do as much as they can themselves to save costs. 

Bond Inspection: The state of the property is compared to Ingoing Property Condition Report and the discrepancies assessed.

Damage: Self-repairs are NOT RECOMMENDED. Unless you hold the requisite trade skills further damage is likely to be caused.

Mail Redirection: Identity theft is a serious concern and we highly recommend that you obtain a Mail Redirection from Australia Post until you are able to update every-one of your new postal address.