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Urgent Repairs

Urgent repairs are for essential services, potential injury, undue hardship or damage to the premises.

Essential services are electricity, gas, water, hot-water, sewage disposal and a functioning refrigerator, if this is provided with the premises.

Other urgent maintenance might include making a property secure after a break-in or making the property habitable after an extreme weather event.

If you require an Urgent Repair contact us on 9389 6588. During opening hours this is answered by the staff in the Rossen office, after hours it is answered by a paging service.

After hours, to ensure your call is dealt with promptly, it is important to:

1) Direct the paging message to Property Management Department
2) Provide details of your name, address, nature of problem & contact number.

All other maintenance requests:

Regular maintenance requests must be via email to or CLICK HERE